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Trash the Dress

Ideas: In a tree, in the river, a pool, a field (agriculture or pasture – with permission), a park, the desert, Oatman, Laughlin River Walk, Lake Havasu London Village, rocks, and the list goes on!

You really don’t have to trash it...

“Trash the Dress” is where we go out (after the wedding) on location yours or mine, and the bride wears her wedding dress. You really don’t have to trash it, just go where and do what you wouldn’t normally do the day of the wedding; the groom is always welcome to participate! Sometimes the brides like to go into water (pool, river or lake), or just in a field, or desert nearby, where if the dress does get dirty or damaged in anyway, no one will freak out! It can be really fun time to let loose and enjoy the moment after all the stresses involved in the prep of the wedding and the wedding itself. It could be doing something you both love – hiking, walking, off-roading, biking (either kind), boating, swimming…

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